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Expecting a newborn child? Early retirement? Buying your dream home? Funding a college education? — life moments that provide great joy, but come with so many financial questions. Don’t worry, we’re by your side to guide you through every step.

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Financial Planning
Financial Planning Process

Financial Planning Process

Our financial planning process can help to take the guesswork out of managing your finances and will show you the implications of your financial choices. When you follow a plan, make educated, data driven decisions, and have someone like STL Financial to hold you accountable, you increase the likelihood that you will achieve your goals in life.

Each of Our Unique Financial Plans Include

Cash Flow and Budgeting – The plan will organize and analyze your income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and cash flow to establish your overall financial position.

Protection Planning – The plan will address risks that could derail your progress toward achieving your goals, and will recommend solutions to mitigate those risks. Risks may include disability, unemployment, medical expenses, long-term care, premature death, and other financial emergencies.

Investment Planning – The plan will analyze your current investment position and goals, and develop investment strategies that will minimize risk while providing sufficient returns needed to meet your goals. Investment planning will also address specific goals such as college expenses and retirement.

Tax Strategies – The plan will address ways to manage and reduce taxes effectively during both pre-retirement and post-retirement years.

Retirement Planning – The plan will determine your ability to maintain a desired lifestyle throughout retirement, how best to save for and fund retirement expenses, and how best to utilize Social Security and other pension benefits.

Estate Planning – The plan will provide analysis of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and other documents to determine if current strategies will effectively transfer your assets to heirs at minimal cost and fulfill other goals.

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